Again Tech Valley Machining Has increased our machining capabilities. We Have added A CNC Turning Center! HAAS SL-20 which is capable of turning at spindle speeds up to 4000 RPM. Picture Perfect Threading and radical profiles. This make us able to be much more competitive for production turning as well as the ability to make parts that were virtually impossible with conventional manual lathes. It Has a 12" Max dia. by 20" long capacity.


 We Have Increased our capacity!!! Our Christmas Present to the shop Was a Brand New HAAS VF-6 CNC Machining Center. It Has 64" X 32" X 30" of Travel, High Speed Machining, 10,000 RPM SPindle, Riged Tapping, High-Low Gear box, and best of all, It has a Renishaw wireless digital probing system. This enables us to measure parts before they leave the machine!It can be used as a conventional CMM or we can wright the program to measure each part automaticlly when it is done machining.  This probe is also usefull for touching off tools in a much faster, more accurate manner. Check Out Our pictures and video Here.


TVM Is still Growing! We have just added the following to our machining department:

Leblond Regal 19E-7 Shop lathe with the capacity to turn a work piece that is 19" in diameter and up to 90" long.

34" CNC programmable indexable rotary table to accommodate our larger workpieces.

We have also up graded our inspection department with a Shadow Graph Optical Comparator for more precise inspection reports.


Continuous improvement is our goal !

We have just upgraded our stamping department by adding a Bliss 10 ton OBI punch press capable of 150 strokes per minute and also a Bliss 28 ton OBI punch press to accept larger dies that is capable of 180 strokes per minute.


For reduced machining time we have added a super high strength 12" by 18" universal vacuum chuck. This pulls 24 IN. HG per square inch. This means  BIG cuts and HIGH feed rates. Also reduced set ups per piece.


Tech Valley Machining LLC. has just expanded its machining capabilities by adding a CNC programmable 4th axis to its facility list. Precision indexing,helix milling,increased production speed.